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It looks like in order for us to have freedom we need to help create it.

We have created this site to provide that freedom of truth and personal expression that would be shut down in other venues. If you are liberal you can post your thoughts anywhere but a conservative voice would be silenced.

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Just like what your used to with Facebook,Twitter and other apps but in some cases even better.


Any Religious wares or services can be advertised here for free.

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All of our services here are free. We would appreciate if you would support all those who are selling there products or services on this site. Many of these people have sacrificed there time and money to bring you the truth and love from our heavenly father. We would exhort you to also take advantage of this site for your self and family.

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According to the scriptures, there is a time coming when those who are believers will no longer be able to buy or sell without taking the sign of the beast. What this sign is, is very controversial. this site can be used for those who are in the faith to buy or sell from each other or trade for there families needs.


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Social networking Programs are finished

Everything should be completed by the end of next week. just have a YouTube to build and the market place.
David Thayne


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Read Lost books of the Bible such as the Book of Enoch, Jasher and Jubilees. Listen to talks by your favorite teachers. Learn about the Last days of Revelations.


Create a Cloud account to save pictures and files much like google. Sink photos and documents on your computer or phone.


Get your daily news briefs and check your mail using your own off the grid email account. Can be viewed from any computer with Internet connection.



You have to know before
start everything

These websites may go down at anytime. we do not have the budgets of many of these big companies. Not allot of redundancies are built into our network at this time. We will backup data on a regular basis but you are responsible for your own data.

Our children are the greatest gift we have. monitor your kids while they are online. we will be watching for problems and problem people that may come on our system to cause problems but you overall are responsble for yourselves.

Or so says the scriptures. So lets respect each others opinions and not try to destroy the other person by insults or character assasination. Be kind and remember its ok to debate and have a differing opinion.


Send me an email and Ill get back to you as quickly as I can.

Email is admin@mailpage.us

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